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Obsession in the Post-Buffyverse Era
The Fandom Offerings of Crazydiamondsue

“The dream is over,” to quote a little pop band from Liverpool. Well, I’ve never stopped loving a band just because the lead singer died in a clichéd, grandiose fashion. Backlash and cool-to-be-SO-over-them has never stopped me from digging through the used DVD bin. Stop obsessing about a show because it (and its amazing spin-off) were cancelled? Why? Isn’t that what real faith is: substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen? This is my song of praise to Buffy. Hope you enjoy it.


My soul is wrapped in harsh repose,
midnight descends in raven-colored clothes,
but soft...behold!
A sunlight beam
cutting a swath of glimmering gleam.
My heart expands,
'tis grown a bulge in it,
inspired by your beauty...


~*~ Spike~*~


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