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Post "The Gift." Buffy's death causes Spike and Xander to search for things in each other. Neither of them are prepared for what they find. 
Posted August 2004 **COMPLETED** May 2006

Written for Entre Nous and WesleysGirl's Schmangst-a-thon for Ladycat777. She asked for: Spike/Xander; either physical or emotional hurt or both; no serious levels of angst; and SMUT. Set in Africa immediately post AtS Season-5 Damage.
Posted July 2005.

Musical!Verse ~ Hair Like Chinese Silk (Some Adult Content)

A little moment of schmoop, inspired by those musical demons Tabaqui and Lazulikat. 
Posted August 2004.
Musical!Verse ~  Night After Night (Some Adult Content)
A introspective Spike and a dancing Xander, written for Yindagger.
Posted October 2004.

Sweet Release (Adult)
Written as a birthday present for adis723. Season 4, post "The Harsh Light of Day." Xander has something Spike needs.
Posted December 2004.

(Some Adult Content)
Written for Dovil's birthday. She asked for: I want to read a story where Spike and Xander drive around in a van solving mystery and when Xander's been a really good boy, Spike feeds him scooby snacks.
Posted March 2005.

(Some Adult Content)
Written for Ladycat, who was having a bad day. Just a short bit of kissing fun.
Posted April 2005.

(Some Adult Content - MPreg)
Set post “Not Fade Away.” Spike and Angel have Shanshu’d and Giles brings together ‘The Men Behind the Slayers’ for a retreat, where discussion on recent research trends yields sadly literal results. Written for Dovil's MPreg-a-thon and features references to Spike/Angel and Xander/Angel. Totally snarky and absolutely full of self-referential meta and quirks.
Posted June 2005.

Phenomenal Apple (Some Adult Content)
Little bit of Halloween cuteness inspired by Stoney321 and written for Fall_for_S/X Posted October 2004.
Sacrifice (Adult)
Written for btvs_halloween as a gift for spikess. Season 7 AU (assumes Spike and Xander got together after Spike returned from Africa. Spike is souled and de-chipped.) Spike shows Xander the real meaning of Halloween.  
Posted October 2004.
Written for The Attic's Twelve Days of Spander. Should incorporate "eight" or "eight maids a'milking" as a theme.
Posted December 2004.
All the Trimmings (Some Adult Content)
Written for Fic-Mas Cards project. Card design photo manip done by tgray.
Posted December 2004.



Xander/Angel (Adult)
Human AU three-part series set during the semi-finals through finals of the International Gay Rodeo. No, really. And written pre-Brokeback, as well.
Posted September 2004 through July 2005.

Angel/Xander (Adult)
Written for Winterlive. Set post BtVS "Prophecy Girl." Angel trains Xander in many, many ways.
Posted March 2005


Spike/Angel (Some Adult Content)
Written for Fic-Mas Cards project, Christmas 2004. Spike takes a little side trip to New Zealand for the holidays. Angel follows. Post AtS Season-5 "Destiny." Photo manip by tgray.
Posted December 2004.

Spike/Angel (Some Adult Content)
Written for Violethamster. Post "Not Fade Away." The past, the future and and why some wounds won't heal.
Posted May 2005.

Spike/Angel (Some Adult Content)
Written for Entre Nous. Set late AtS Season 5, just prior to "Not Fade Away." Spike and Angel share a moment of calm. Smoking kink. 
Posted April 2006.

Other Slash

Xander/Blayne (Some Adult Content)
Written for Jessie53067's Xander ficathon. Requested Xander / First Season demon, humor and Xander rescuing himself. I kinda sorta did that. Set during BtVS Season One, "Teacher's Pet."
Posted September 2004.

Willow/Faith (Adult)
Written for Karabair. Set post AtS “Orpheus”, just prior to BtVS “Dirty Girls.”
Posted March 2005.

Spike/Riley (Adult)
Written for Brandil. Set during BtVS "Into the Woods."
Posted March 2005.

Wes/Gunn (Adult)
Written for Neverneverfic. Set during AtS Season 2, approximately around "Blood Money." They play other games than Risk...
Posted April 2005

General Fiction

Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara & Anya (PG)
Written for EntreNous, for National Pie Day. Late Season 4; a companion piece to "Pangs."
Posted January 2007.

Xander, Buffy, Willow & Dawn (PG)
Written for Adis723, for her birthday. Set during BtVS Season 5 "Listening to Fear." Xander's birthday.
Posted December 2006.

Xander, Buffy, Willow (PG)
Written for tinpanalley. Set post BtVS “Graduation Day Part II” - just 529 words of friendship silliness to make a hymen joke.
Posted May 2006.

Joyce & Angel (PG)
Los Angeles – 1976 and Sunnydale – 1998 – memorable first impressions aren’t what they used to be.
Posted November 2005.

Spike & Cordy (Some Adult Content)
Written for Adis723, who wanted Spike and Cordy watching Queer as Folk. Set during AtS "You're Welcome."
Posted May 2005.


Spike/Xander (Teen)
A snarky romp through both canon and fanon. Set post-"Chosen" and has mild spoilers for AtS "Not Fade Away."
Posted August 2004.

Spike/Angel (Adult)
Dovil wanted a long build-up of foreplay, complete with the fanfic cliches, and then...pffft.
Posted November 2004.

Multiple Parings (Some Adult Content) 
A Round Robin snark with Karabair and Uberaeryn.
Posted June 2004

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