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Gen Fic & Character Study

Africa by Glossing (Xander)

Anya's Story by Elcazavampiros (Anya, Ensemble, WiP)

The Art of Passion by Snow (Angel)

Bachelorette Party by EntreNous (Anya)

Ballad of Ira Hayes by Julia (Xander)

Becoming Xander Harris by Moosesal (Xander)

Beggars Will Ride by Swmbo (Darla)

The Birds and the...Birds by Dancetomato (Giles & Buffy)

Bit Players by Spuffyduds (Jonathan & Harmony)

Blood Types by tkp (Angel)

The Borogoves by Likeadeuce (Wesley)

Brad Pitt in a Leather Skirt by Moosesal (Spike & Tara)

The Broken Chain of Being by Rubywisp (Xander & Gunn)

Changed by Spuffyduds (Joyce)

Contrite Spirits by Liz Marcus (Xander & Faith)

Cuckoo in the Nest by Liz Marcus (Xander, Tony Harris)

Dawn of the Dead by Beer Good Foamy (Dawn, Ensemble, some Spike/Dawn & Spike/Buffy)

Dead Things by Kangeiko (Connor)

Death Wish(es) by Chrisleeoctaves (Multiple Characters)

Ensign Wells Reporting for Duty by Paynbow (Andrew)

Even Bad Guys Get to Grieve by Laney 1974 (Xander, Wesley, Angel)

The Examined Life of Mr. Gordo by Zandra X (Mr. Gordo, Ensemble)

Five Reasons Why Charles Gunn Doesn't Wear a Do-Rag by Seraphcelene (Gunn)

Five Ways NFA Probably Didn't End by tkp (BtVS/AtS Ensemble, some 'ship mentions)

Five Ways of Becoming Someone Else by Kyra Cullinan (Willow)

Ice Capades -- Three Scenes from the Life of a Slayer by Likeadeuce (Buffy)

If Wishes Were Demons by Wolfling (Anya)

In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro by Yindagger (Xander)

La Fée Verte by Adis723 (Xander & Drusilla)

Lamb of God by Lostakasha (Angelus & Drusilla)

Losing My Religion by Kita (Angel)

Moonlight Sonata by Moosesal (Oz)

The Rapturous End by Annakovsky (Buffy & Xander)

Research Can Make You Punchy by Bead (BtVS Ensemble)

Rough Magic by Likeadeuce (Angel & Wesley)

Rumble, Young Man by Likeadeuce (Wesley & Gunn)

Scenes from the Life of a Watcher by Uberaeryn (Giles)

Seeing Africa by Huzzlewhat (Xander)

Self-Portrait in a Coma Patient by Glossing (Gunn & Cordy)

Shanshu Blue by Lynne (Angel)

Skin Through Trees by Yindagger (Buffy & Xander)

Small Fry by Mad Poetess (BtVS & AtS Ensemble)

There Is No Happily Ever After by Stoney (Connor)

There's More Room in a Broken Heart by Lostakasha (Buffy)

Trio: The Musical by Andraste & Selena (Andrew, Jonathan & Warren)

Umad Learns Sumerian by Annakovsky (Dawn)

Underneath this Shroud by Ladycat (Xander & Buffy)

Undrowning by Hannasus (Angel & Cordy)

The Valley of the Shadow by Lori Bush (Xander)

Weighs Nothing by Kita (Angel & Connor)

Woman by Ladycat (Dawn, Spike & Xander)

Winner Take All by Yindagger (BtVS/AtS Ensemble)

Without Ceremony by Elena (BtVS Ensemble)

Xander 2.0 by Cordelianne (Xander & Buffy)

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