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Femslash Recs


Oh No, More Yoko by Jane Davitt (Anya/Tara)

Resistance is Useless by Miss Murchison (Anya/Tara)

Still Gay Now by Wisteria (Anya/Willow)

At Night by Maren (Cordy/Buffy)

The Messenger by Tinpanalley (Cordy/Buffy)

Remedial Buffy by Glossing (Cordy/Buffy)

Universe, You're On Notice by Vicious Wishes (Cordy/Lilah)

After Winter There's Always Spring by Stoptocheer (Buffy/Faith)

Damn Your Eyes by AmyB (Buffy/Faith)

Dreaming of We by Femmenerd (Buffy/Faith)

Faded Eyeliner by KJ Draft (Buffy/Faith)

Sealed With a Kiss by Mad Poetess (Buffy/Faith)

Tissue by Shati (Buffy/Faith)

Love Lost and Found by Tinpanalley (Buffy/Nina)

Discretionary by Ladycat (Buffy/Willow)

Pillow Talk by Chrys Loch (Buffy/Willow)

Gods and Monsters by Maren (Faith/Cordy)

Calm on the Surface by Tinpanalley (Faith/Dawn)

All the King's Horses by Doyle (Faith/Willow)

This End is No Beginning by Nevernever (Tara/Jenny)

Deserved by Stoptocheer (Tara/Willow)

Ten Weddings Planned by katemonkey (Tara/Willow)

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