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Other Male/Male Slash

Other Male/Male Slash

Eppur Si Muove by Ros Fod (Angel/Connor)

Five Years Later at a Holiday Inn by Romany (Angel/Connor)

I'm Not One by Kita (Angel/Doyle)

Dinner and a Movie by Chrisleeoctaves (Angel/Lindsey)

Periplaneta Americana by Snow (Angel/Lindsey)

Damage Done by Chrisleeoctaves (Angel/Riley)

Controlled Circumstances by Jessica Walker (Angel/Wesley)

Epiphany by The Brat Queen (Angel/Wesley)

Ris'n With Healing (in His Wings) by Obsessed Much (Angel/Wesley)

The Post-Finals Tradition by Mireille (Oz/Connor)

This One Does by Uberaeryn (Spike/Giles)

The Perpetuity of Need by AmyB (Spike/Riley)

Fett for Bot by BrandiL (Spike/Warren)

Only in Cleveland by EntreNous (Xander/Andrew)

Charlie, Charlie, James Again by EntreNous (Xander/Connor)

Along for the Ride by EntreNous (Xander/Lindsey)

Lessons in Cool: Being John Wayne by Tesla & Dessert First (Xander/Oz)

Nice Shirt by Glossing (Xander/Oz)

Freedom and Fireworks, Vigil & What Happens Now? by Mary Ellen & Jen (Xander/Riley)

Starting From Nowhere by Salieri (Xander/Riley)

Song of Iowa by EntreNous (Xander/Riley)

Highway Kind by Likeadeuce (Xander/Wesley)

Lessons Series by NWHepcat (Xander/Wesley)

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