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Other Male/Female Pairings

Other Male/Female Pairings

Means to an End by Laure Alexander (Angelus/Darla)

Midnight Excursion by Tania (Angel/Darla)

Vienna by Tania (Angelus/Darla)

To Have and to Have Not by Em North (Angel/Willow)

Death Becomes Her by Maren (Buffy/Connor)

New York Blooms by EntreNous (Buffy/Connor)

A Mile in His Moccasins by Gileswench (Buffy/Giles)

The Big Three-Oh! & The Big Three-Oh! Conclusion by Uberaeryn (Buffy/Giles)

Average Love Story by Maren (Buffy/Gunn)

Washer at the Ford by Lostakasha (Cordy/Angel)

California Dreaming by Zandra X (Cordy/Doyle)

Enormous Panties and Other Things by Vicious Wishes (Cordy/Gunn)

Feeling Lucky by Likeadeuce (Cordy/Gunn)

The Joys of Truck Sex and Other Erotic Musings of Cordelia Chase by Maren (Cordy/Gunn)

And Other Strangers by Likeadeuce (Cordy/Wesley)

Left Hand by Lori (Giles/Anya)

Lover's Nots by Appomattox (Giles/Anya)

Ae Fond Kiss by Dolores (Oz/Willow)

Waiting for You by Desoto_Hia873 (Oz/Willow)

Down Through the Morning by Kyra Cullinan (Oz/Tara)

An Encyclopedia of Why Not by Romany (Spike/Dawn)

Good Company by Wesleysgirl (Spike/Dawn)

All the Sinners Saints by AmyB (Spike/Faith)

Something Borrowed by Spikendru (Spike/Harmony)

A Two-Part Harmony by Miss Murchison (Spike/Harmony)

Soft by JuliatheYounger (Spike/Tara)

Geek the Girl by Rachel Anton (Spike/Willow)

The Softer Pillow by Cynthia Liskow (Spike/Willow)

Good. Hard. Strong. Sexy. by Kantayra (Spike/Shower Wall) Yeah, I had no idea where to put this one...

13 Conversations About One Thing by Lyra Jane (Xander/Anya)

Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends by Spikendru (Xander/Anya)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sex Poodles by Doyle (Xander/Anya)

The Bright Blessed Day, the Dark Sacred Night by NWHepcat (Xander/Buffy)

The Cure by Lori Bush (Xander/Buffy)

Footprints by Ladycat (Xander/Buffy)

Now I Live Here, Another Island by Glossing (Xander/Buffy)

Ordinary Guy by Tesla (Xander/Buffy)

Woman of Steel (The Black and Blue Remix) by Beranesq (Xander/Buffy)

Anyone Can Tell by Likeadeuce (Xander/Cordy)

Knowing by Inlovewithnight (Xander/Cordy)

Out of the Closet by EntreNous (Xander/Cordy)

Council Business by EntreNous (Xander/Dawn)

Indelible by NWHepcat (Xander/Dawn)

Lilac City by NWHepcat (Xander/Faith)

A Soft Place to Land by NWHepcat (Xander/Willow)

And the First Shall Be Last by Invisionary (Xander/Willow)

Eidolon by Lunabee (Xander/Willow)

Hand Me Down by Rubywisp (Xander/Willow)

Not Quite the Loneliest Number by Stoptocheer (Vamp!Xander/Vamp!Willow)

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