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Buffy/Angel Recs



A Slayer's Story by Likeadeuce

All That's Best of Dark and Bright by RedBrickRose

As Dark Things Are Loved by Redbrickrose

At Home Where the World Ends by Maren

Beautiful Differences by Southernbangel

Bodiless Within the Bodies by tkp

Captive by Chrisleeoctaves

Dance by A2zmom

Dear to Us by Glossing

Eight Ways to Leave, Nine Ways to be a Fool by A2zmom

First Time by Jane Davitt

Here On Earth by Chrisleeoctaves

History Erased and Re-Written by Nevernever

If Ever by Kita

Intermezzo by Maren

Mystery Play by Glossing

One Perfect Moment by Tabaqui

Pieces of Now by Regala Electra

Sacrifice by Chrisleeoctaves

Talk Like Lions by Wesleysgirl

Weight of Life by Maren

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