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Spike/Angel Recs


A Passionate Intensity by Lilian Morgan

Alone in a Barroom by Uberaeryn

The Ball Gag by Uberaeryn

Bent Justice by Kat B. (Human AU)

Days of Our Unlives by Kita

Depressed There by Tania

Dracsucksyoulots by Uberaeryn

Fade to Black by Lyrstzha

Fading by Uberaeryn

Fallen by Violethamster

Five Things Spike Does With Angel's Ashes by Lyrstzha

The Grieving Process by Winterlive

Here There Be Dragons on Pay-Per-View by Romany

His Body a Boat by Romany

The Last Days of Disco by Doyle

Left Behind by Chrisleeoctaves

Manus by Kita

On the Rocks by Frimfram

Pen on Paper by Uberaeryn

Prior Conceptions by Violethamster

Prometheus Unbound by Lynne

Race by Dodyskin

Redemption Songs by DeAnna Zankich

The Reunion Tour by Dovil

The Ribald Adventures of Pirate!Angelus and William by Violethamster

Solace by Uberaeryn

Stake-Out by Uberaeryn

Sweet Childe O' Mine by Uberaeryn

Torments of the Damned by Snow

Vicarious by Lynne

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