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Spike/Xander Recs


29 Linear Moves by Yindagger

49 Circular Moves by Yindagger

A Lesson In Principles (Series) by Annie Sewell-Jennings

A Long Time by Mad Poetess

A Place Called Home by Green & Ladycat

A World of Their Own by Jameschick

Affected by Winterlive (Human AU)

Amnesia!Spike by Mahaliem

And Let the Gods Do the Rest by Reremouse & Savoytruffle

The Assistant by Witling

Attic by Yindagger

Balcony by Ladycat

Beggars Can't Be Choosers by Nashmaveric

Benefits Series by Minim_Calibre

Blood and Smokes by BrandiL

Broken Roads by altyronsmaker (Drabble Set)

Brothers in Arms by Poshcat

Brown Paper Packages by Alexandria Brown

Bruises Like Badges by Yindagger

Caught by Ahestele

Changing His Religion by Eyezrthewindows (Human AU)

Checkmate by Green & Ladycat

Cherry Boys by EntreNous

Chiaroscuro by Winterlive (Human AU)

Chocolate Hurricane by Cicirossi

Chocolatey Goodness by Mad Poetess

Coming Around Again by Wesleysgirl & Yindagger

Coming Home by Circe

Conjunctions Series by Flaming Muse

Cues and Balls by Estepheia

Dead Sunflowers by Nasty Shrew

Dirty Dancing Spander Style by Savoytruffle (Human AU)

Discoveries by Tgray (WiP, Human AU)

Divided, Two's Company & Male Bonding by Jackson Rayne

Dogs of War by Tabaqui

Drenched by Trixx

Expecting by EntreNous (Mpreg)

Expert Care by Te

Fanfic Made Me Gay by Jameschick

Fulfilling a Fantasy by Savoytruffle

Half-Windsor by Ladycat

How the Light Gets In by Shadowscast

Hunger by Lazuli

Hunt Brother by Ladycat (WiP)

I'm the Fool by Luvxander

In the Mix by Yindagger

It's Just a Jump to the Left & Late Night Double Feature by Kimberly A

It's Not by Cordelianne

Itch by Ladycat

Joined at the Hip by Spurglie

King of Cats by Ladycat

Knowing Style by Paperk8

Last Days of Rome by Reremouse

Lessons by Ladycat

Letters by Tabaqui

Long Time Gone by Yindagger

Loserville by Shrift

Maxwell's Silver Hammer by Adis723

Midnight at LAX by Ahestele

Mission: Implausible by Spikedluv

Modus Vivendi & Ares Moriendi by Witling

My Scorpion by Firehorse

Naming the Crayons by Adis723

Night Watch by Webrain

No Power On Earth by Circe

Normal Again by Tabaqui

Not Waving But Drowning by Bear

Odd Day Out by Ladycat (S/X & Mini-Golf)

Out of Character by Spurglie

Perdition Catch My Soul by Estepheia

Playing Pool by Darkhavens

The Poet and the Carpenter by Twilight (Human AU)

Predatory Acts & Preying On My Mind by Jane Davitt

Quantum Xander by Jameschick

Reconstruction, Restoration & Reunion by Wordsmith

Red Apple Falls by Dellamore

Repossession by Lazuli

Road to Poofdom by Bytemi

Seeing Distant Things As If They Were Close by Wesleysgirl

Sense and Sensibilities (Objects in the Mirror May Be Closer than They Appear) by Reremouse & Savoytruffle

Shadowlands by Lunabee

Shame the Devil by Yindagger (WiP)

Sidelines by Anna S

Silk by Ladycat

Sock Puppet by Shadowscast

Something Blue, Something Slashy by EntreNous

Something...Borrowed by Beetle

Soul by Ladycat

Spanish Inquisition by Rubywisp (WiP)

Subtleties by Anna S

Survival Instincts by Savoytruffle

Sweet Memories by Kayla

Sweet Revenge by Jackson Rayne

Ten First Kisses That May Never Have Happened by Glossing

There's Your Trouble by Savoytruffle

They Tell Me It Rained by Savoytruffle

This Year's Vamp by China Shop

Three's a Crowd by Savoytruffle

Throwing Shapes by Anna S

Truth or Dare by Byrne

Twilight Time by Shadow

Two-Beer Queer by Firehorse

Waiting Here by Alexandria Brown

We're Not Gay. We're Just Friends. Who Have Sex. by Juliatheyounger

Who Wants to Live Forever by Metaforgirl

Wilderness by Reremouse

Without Price by Winterlive

Your Horoscope For Today by Anna S

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