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Live Journal Glossary

For the Live Journal of Crazydiamondsue

Adis723 - (Also known as Vin or Vinnie) Author of the Spike/Xander-esque Rabble!Verse. Native of Texas; beta and Buffyverse psychology resource for Crazydiamondsue. Currently writing in the Queer as Folk fandom.


Alliteration - (n. "the repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighboring words.") Often considered the mark of a beginning writer, you'll discover it's a not-so-hidden kink of mine. 

Angel the Series - WB series created by Joss Whedon airing from 1999-2004. Combined with its predecessor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, forms the foundation of Crazydiamondsue's fandom. Events featured during the series will often play part in fan fiction on this journal, particularly if Spike/Angel is the pairing. 

April 25 - Birthdate of Crazydiamondsue. Frequently referenced the last week of April, FYI.


Beauty Effulgent - Website for Crazydiamondsue. Contains fan fiction, fic recs and other fandom rambling and squee-i-ness.


Beta - From the old software processing term, 'beta-testing', the process of having your fan fiction pre-read or edited before posting. Personally needed because of habits of word dropping, excessive comma love and wonky continuity. In lieu of a beta, may I suggest and that spellcheck function located in MS Word under the heading "tools"?


Bloodclaim - The Spike/Xander live journal community maintained by Darkhavens. Used to keep abreast of what's new in my OTP. Often a source of whininess on Sunday nights when it's my turn to post the daily round-up, because Crazydiamondsue is lazy.


brendon_daily The Nicholas Brendon community maintained by Bunnyohare and Chicken_cem. Often a source of journal squee-i-ness.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - WB/Fox series created by Joss Whedon airing from 1997-2003. Crazydiamondsue's first and only fandom since 2003, it’s the inspiration for most of the fic and posts contained in this journal. If you're not a fan of BtVS and you've friended this journal, well, you're gonna be kinda bored.


Buffy-speak - The origination of terms and phraseology such as, "Obsessed, much?" and "Can you vague that up for me?" and mid-sentence punctuation such as, "And Xander? Is always a yes." Used with impunity throughout this journal. - Fan-created Buffy and Angel episode transcription site. Often used as a research tool for fan fiction contained in this journal.


Brendon, Nicholas - (Also referred to as NB, Nick or Nicky) Actor previously known for portraying "Xander Harris" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Subject of the first real actor!crush Crazydiamondsue has copped to since Rick Springfield in 1983.


Canon - (n. "An ecclesiastical law or code of laws established by a church council." Derived from the Latin world for "rule" in the Roman Catholic Church.) Used in fan fiction to mean: Referring to a character, event, plotline, etc. which happened in the actual professional source material (from the Fan Fiction Glossary.) Something that usually proceeds ‘!whore’ in reference to Crazydiamondsue, despite the slash thing.


Crazydiamondsue - Etymology of name: "Crazydiamond" is a reference to "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by the rock band Pink Floyd. "Sue" is the short form of Suzanne, Crazydiamondsue's given name.


Dialogue - (n. "The lines or passages in a script that are intended to be spoken.") Comprises the majority of fic written by Crazydiamondsue and admired in the writing of other fic writers such as Reremouse, Camisha and Mpoetess, among others.


Drabble - Defined by the Fanfiction Glossary as a self-contained vignette of exactly 100 words. Not something you'll ever find here (think "verbose.") Although may I direct to you Darkhavens or slash_the_drabble?


Dovil - (Also known as "Dark Master" or by her Native American name: "She Who Makes Beverages Spurt From Your Nose") Author of more snark!fic, MST3K-ing of bad!fic and gorgeously esoteric, rambly posts than can be listed in this space. Native of New Zealand and the catalyst that introduced Crazydiamondsue and Stoney321.


Elcazavampiros - (Also known as Caza) Author of Anya's Story and husband to Crazydiamondsue. Professor of Spanish and the person most called into the room by Sue with, "Come read this - damn, I'm funny."


Fandom - (n. "A collective term used to describe all fans and their activities.") Used in this journal to refer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.


Fanfiction Glossary - Handy internet site useful for when you're wondering: WTF's a kerfuffle?!


Free to Be You and Me – My laissez faire attitude in regard to reader interest in this journal. Friended me but don’t like Spike/Xander? Totally not a problem. I’ll write other things – I once devoted an entire post to getting tangled in the shower curtain. There’ll be other things to love aplenty.


Gay rodeo - Events organized by The International Gay Rodeo Association featuring western rodeo events such as bull riding, bronc riding and barrel racing. Semi-finals held in Oklahoma City. Believe it or not, it comes up.


Google - The internet search engine used by Crazydiamondsue for all research that can't be found at


Het - Fan fiction stories involving male/female pairings such as Buffy/Spike or Xander/Cordy. Although not written much on this journal, admired in the writings of Karabair, SpikenDru and Nwhepcat, among others.


Human AU – Fan fiction stories in which fantasy or mystical elements (i.e. vampires) have been eliminated and characters such as Spike or Angel are written as human. Although something I enjoy reading from other writers, not something I'm comfortable writing myself. (Notable exception, of course, is Rodeo!Verse; but c'mon - vampire!cowboy? How silly would that be? Suggestions that the 'cowboy' aspect could have been dropped have been considered and subsequently ignored.)


Icons - Pictures sized to 100x100 and used to accompany journal posts. Most on this journal feature Nick Brendon/Xander Harris. Most on this journal made by Adis723, Secondverse or Stoney321. Absolutely none made by me; credits located in keywords.


Imagery - (n. "The use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas.") Often proceeded by ‘fan-fucking-tastic’ and used to reference works by Adis723, Kyrieane, Ladycat, Tabaqui, among others.


Inside Joke - The rude practice of inserting confusing or random-sounding references in this journal. Usually geared toward Adis723, Stoney321 or Uberaeryn.


Jesus!Kink - The shameful to my Baptist/Pentecostal upbringing habit of finding actors (most notably Christian Bale) attractive while portraying Jesus of Nazareth in movies and mini-series.


Karabair - (Also called Carrie) Author of The Borogoves and many, many brilliant Wesley Wyndam-Pryce centric stories. First online friend made by Crazydiamondsue (non fandom related) in 1996. "Sired" Crazydiamondsue to live journal, as well as (in conjunction with Uberaeryn) the Buffy fandom.


Kerfuffle - Defined by the Fan Fiction Glossary as "An argument, often (but not always) about fanstuff and usually in writing." Something Crazydiamondsue tries to avoid like the plague, other than to watch with interest from the sidelines.


Kink - (n. "A mental peculiarity; a quirk." or "Peculiarity or deviation in sexual behavior or taste.") Used in fan fiction to describe a "bullet proof" practice in plot or characterization that will draw the reader in. Notable Crazydiamondsue kinks: Spike/Xander post-"Chosen" and "Not Fade Away," grown-up Xander, Africa!Xander, agitatedly smoking Spike, 3-ways involving Spike/Xander/Angel, well described kissing, banter during smut scenes, and Human AU Angel/Xander.


Little House on the Prairie - NBC series airing from 1974-1983 based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Just a bit of childhood nostalgia that pops up whenever I can work it in.


Long Time Gone Spike/Xander future-fic written by Secondverse. The first Spike/Xander I ever read, which, along with Chocolatey Goodness by Mpoetess, created an OTP.


Max - My dachshund (wiener dog) that works his way into my posts as often as he jumps up into my lap while I'm typing.


Meta - (n. - "self-referential; referring to itself or its characteristics") Usually an essay written about properties of the fandom. You won't find the essay version here, but I will sneak it into fic when you least expect it.


Monkeys - Possibly the closest thing I have coming to a "collection" often featured in socks and pajamas and often squee'd over for the frequency the word pops up randomly in Jossverse canon.


Narcissism - (n. "Excessive love or admiration of oneself.") Often noted upon occurrence in this journal, because I'm self-aware and I care.


Oklahoma - 46th state admitted to the United States of America, nicknamed The Sooner State. Home of Crazydiamondsue. 

What you might think Sue's home looks like:

What it actually looks like:

OTP - (n. "One True Pairing") Defined in this journal as Spike/Xander.


Pairing blind - In defiance to the above item, my practice of reading pretty much any Buffyverse pairing without prejudice.


Pollyanna - (1960 Disney film featuring Hayley Mills described as: "A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life.") The attitude I have toward fandom, fan fiction, LJ community and why I avoid kerfuffles like the plague.


Profanity - (n. "Vulgar or irreverent speech or action.") Used in what I hope is moderation on this journal. I personally don't have a problem with profanity at all, I mean, I know what most of the words mean.


Queer as Folk - Showtime series airing since 2000, currently in its fifth and final season. Often a source of shoe throwing toward the television acts due to wince-worthy dialogue and dubious continuity, completely redeemed by the unapologetic prettiness of its main characters, Brian (Gale Harold) and Justin (Randy Harrison.)


Random - (adj. "Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective.") The source of most of the posts on this journal and possibly the most used subject line.


RPS - Real People Slash (From the Fan Fiction Glossary: Slash written about the actors or creators behind a fandom -- often abbreviated to RPS. Also called actorslash.) Not a huge fave of mine; will read if I love you and you either write it or rec it hard.


Secondverse - (Also called Yindagger, usually referred to as Yin.) Author of Long Time Gone and the first Spike/Xander writer to friend me. Inspiration for Sunday Morning Coming Down.


Shakespeare, William - English playwright , 1564-1616. Often quoted without irony because I have serious English major issues for which I apologize now. Most notable "borrowings" are from Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, although The Tempest occasionally pops up, as well.


Snark - (n. "Sarcastic or irascible.") Used in this journal to mean parody fic that, while remaining true to most aspects of canon and characterization, will insert humor (?) in the form of meta of both canon and fanon, sarcastic dialogue and general silliness.


Slash – The fan fiction practice of pairing same sex characters. Yeah, you’ll, ah, get quite a bit of that here.


Spander - A combination term that's either reviled or tolerated; meaning the pairing of Spike/Xander. I'm cool with it.


Spangel - In the same vein as "Spander" but meaning the pairing of Spike/Angel.


Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series character portrayed by James Marsters. A Victorian poet "sired" as a vampire in 19th century England who ravaged Europe along with fellow vampires Angelus, Darla and Drusilla before coming to Sunnydale California where he received a "non-aggression" brain chip, a soul and some sort of mystical trigger. As of the end of Angel, only the soul remained. I personally like to "smoosh" him against Xander.


Squee – A written exclamation of delight or excitement, and something I sometimes say.


Squicks - Something in fan fiction or fandom that the reader finds distasteful, often despite good writing or explanation. My own personal would be child abuse, character bashing and any time Ethan or Andrew are naked (although I'm flexible on those last two.)


Stoney321 - (Also known as Laura or BFF LJ) Author of Wee!Spike and numerous Buffyverse musical parodies, as well as smokin' hot RPS and some thing she's doing in the Star Wars fandom at the moment. (It's sometimes believed that Crazydiamondsue and Stoney321 are the same person writing under pseudonyms and if so, what a kick ass cool chick that would be!)


Sunday Morning Coming Down - The only Spike/Xander chapter fic of any length Crazydiamondsue has written. Inspired after a snark fic when asked what I was going to write now and thought hmm...what's the opposite of snark? Angst! Often a source of whininess as to why the WiP isn't finished. (See: laziness and angst is hard, yo.)


Uberaeryn - (Also known as Aeryn or Kathy, sometimes as "Cheese face.") Author of the Spike-centric Fading and This One Does as well as many, many things in the Lost fandom. Also a devotee of Keith Urban, country music singer. Best friend of Crazydiamondsue since 1990.


Vampire!porn - The generic term used on this journal to mean slash fic involving Spike or Angel.


Whelp - (Also whelp-boy or Xan-whelp - okay, I made that last one up.) Although a fanon term that's not overly troubling (if used sparingly) when reading Xander-centric fan fiction, something Crazydiamondsue will snark on whenever the opportunity arises.  


Xander – (Also called Xanny-Xan-Xan, but only when I’m kidding.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer character portrayed by Nicholas Brendon. A high school student when he meets Buffy Summers, Xander becomes not only one of the Slayer's best friends but works with her in that whole "saving the world" thing. Also a construction worker, a possible stripper and a fiancÚ jilter, but that donut-boy thing was only mentioned once...I'm just sayin'.


Xangel - The combination word used for the Angel/Xander pairing. Sadly, due to its canon limitations, not one that's often written. (So feel free to tell me whenever you see it, okay?)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series are the intellectual property of FOX, Mutant Enemy, and Joss Whedon. Fan fiction on this site is written for fun, NOT FOR PROFIT. No copyright infringement is intended.