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Mirror Kisses
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Some Adult Content
For: [info]ladycat777, who was having a bad day.

Xander’s hand slid slowly up Spike’s arm, fingers mapping the curves of muscle, thumb reaching up to brush teasingly against the curve of collarbone. Spike shifted beneath him, restless, as Xander’s hand curved around his shoulder, long fingers reaching to twine in the hairs at the base of his neck, tugging lightly.

Spike arched his neck, his eyes half open as he watched, and then Xander was closing one hand around his neck, as the other reached up, cupping Spike’s face, the thumb brushing against Spike’s eyelashes until his eyes closed again.

Xander’s lips closed over Spike’s, feather light at first, brushing and then pulling away when Spike tried to deepen the kiss. His lips brushed against Spike’s again, tongue darting out to tease the corners and then retreating as Xander sucked first Spike’s top lip into his mouth, and then the bottom one, nibbling lightly. The nibble became a bite and when Spike moaned at that, his lips parting, Xander’s mouth opened on his, giving him all the wet and heat Spike had been reaching for.

Spike’s hands tightened their grip on Xander’s arms, and then slid lower, trailing down Xander’s sides until they clenched around firm hips, jerking Xander closer.

“Huh-uh,” Xander murmured, lifting his head and reaching for Spike’s hands and dragging them back up, pinning them against the mattress.

“So, this is your big surprise – we’re just gonna snog all night?” Spike said, lifting his hips and dragging them against Xander’s.

Xander groaned, biting his lip. He leaned down until their noses met, his hair falling into his face, brushing Spike’s cheeks. “Stop playing dirty. This was your idea.”

Xander tilted his head, his hands leaving Spike’s and sliding down the arms that were splayed against the sheets. He brushed the backs of his hands against Spike’s throat, and then his thumbs pressed in, gripping Spike’s jaw and kissing him again, his hands harsh but his lips soft, teasing. Promising. He broke the kiss slowly, his breath catching as their lips clung together. Xander opened his eyes, smiling, “There. That’s my best technique. Your turn.”

Spike grinned and grabbed Xander’s hands from around his neck, fingers clenching as he flipped them, slamming Xander’s hands against the bed. Darting his head, his tongue thrusting deeply, greedily, grinding their bodies together as his feet curved around Xander’s ankles, holding him still.

Xander turned his head away, frowning. “Spike! Now you’re just trying to turn me on!”

“Whole point, innit?”

Xander sighed. “Again, this was your idea! You’re the one always going on about ‘delayed gratification.’ So. Slowin’ it down. Takin’ the long way home. Now, kiss me like my lips are the last beer in the fridge and quit humping me like a toy poodle.”

“Not quite what I meant by ‘delayed,’ Xander,” Spike said, his lips nibbling across a shoulder, teeth grazing a nipple. “Was thinkin’ more along the lines of cock rings and wrist straps…making you beg me to let you come. And if you didn’t beg pretty enough, not lettin’ you come at all...”

“And here’s where I fail to see the hotness in that. Tie me up, tie me down, um, that’s a big yeah. Cock rings? Again – uh-huh. As long as it’s an actual cock ring from a real store, and not just somebody’s belt with you saying, ‘Wot? It works, luv, used it like a million times,’ ‘cause yeah, that’s just…ugh.” Xander pushed Spike back, looking up at him. “And not letting me come at all? What’s the point in that? ‘Oh, this is soooo hot – I didn’t get to finish…so I’m finished?’ No thanks.”

“So, your idea of delaying things is…?”

Xander shrugged. “You know. Kissing. Making out. Snogging. Whatever you want to call it.” Xander licked his lips. “There’s not nearly enough kissing in this bed.”

Spike lifted a brow.

Xander rolled his eyes. “On the mouth.” He slipped hands free of Spike’s, reaching up to rub a thumb against Spike’s lower lip. “I like your mouth.”

Spike bit lightly at Xander’s thumb, lowering his lashes, his voice softening, “That right?”

Xander grinned. “Yeah, attention whore, I do. So I thought we’d start things out slow, by going slow. Kissing. Touching. Instead of just falling into bed, jeans half on, half off.” His hand slid slowly behind Spike’s neck, rubbing softly. “Waiting for it. Driving each other crazy. Slow kisses, long kisses, building up the antici…”

Spike stared at Xander’s grinning face for a moment and then sighed, indulgently. “Say it.”


Spike closed his eyes, his head tilting back, rubbing his neck against Xander’s hand. Eyes still closed, he leaned in, his lips just brushing Xander’s temple. “Just wantin’ to get caught up in the kiss, love?” he murmured, lips gliding over Xander’s. “The way it mirrors everything else you want to do…” his tongue teased the seam of Xander’s lip, feeling them tremble slightly beneath it. “Everything you hope you’re going to get to do.” His tongue parted Xander’s lips, thrusting in a slow rhythm. He pulled away, his mouth cool against Xander’s cheek, words hot and breathless. “Using your lips, your tongue, your teeth,” he nibbled lightly beneath Xander’s lips, “to tease.” His mouth closed over Xander’s, lips driving, tongue thrusting, his hands reaching up to tangle in Xander’s hair.

“Mirror kisses,” he said, lifting up and bracing his hands on either side of Xander’s face, touching him nowhere but with lips against lips. “Nothing but the mouth,” he said, his tongue darting for Xander’s, caressing, teasing, plunging deep and then curving away, “doing everything the body wants to do.”

He raised his head, looking down at Xander’s flushed face, swollen lips, feeling breath, hot and sweet, bathe his cheeks as Xander struggled to catch it.

“Holy shit,” Xander breathed.

Spike grinned. “That enough ‘delay’ for you?”

Xander nodded, his eyes wide as he glanced down at where Spike’s body hovered over his. “I think I almost ‘gratified’.”

Spike chuckled. “That’s what the cock ring would be good for…”

Xander grinned, pulling Spike back to him. “Oh, shut up and kiss me.”


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