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Written for dovil, who wanted: read a story where there's 20 minutes of foreplay described in extreme detail, nipples getting perky, rubbing and saliva going everywhere with gay abandon. And when they get to the down and dirty good stuff it's 'Pfft' and it's all over and everyone's left standing around looking sheepish and wondering what the hell just happened. I would point and laugh.

Spike's head fell back as lips colder than death closed over his collarbone. His body tensed and jerked as the coldness slithered further, bathing his neck and running toward his ear.

"Gah! Catch it, you stupid git, before it's in my hair!"

"Shut up," Angel muttered, his tongue chasing after the glob of strawberry ice cream. "The vibration from your yammering is what's getting it everywhere."

Spike stilled as Angel's tongue flattened against his throat, lapping, cleansing, thrilling. He shuddered as Angel's teeth nipped at the spot at the junction of his neck and shoulder where the skin was somehow softer, shinier and still so sensitive after all these years...

"Yeah," Angel breathed, feeling Spike writhe beneath him. "There it is...your sweet spot, the place of your first submission..."

Spike pulled away from him, glaring. "S'not Dru's claim mark, you nonce. You're on the wrong side. You're gnawing at the curling iron burn from that Leif Garrett phase I went through..."

"Huh," Angel said, tilting Spike's chin and nibbling down the other side of Spike's neck to find a scar that was more of the puncture and less of the burn variety. "Sorry I missed that phase. Sounds pretty."

"Was lovely," Spike said, arching his neck to give Angel better access and running his hands over the hard muscles of the darker vampire's back. "Took a bit of experimentin' to find just the right 70s look to co-opt for eternity."

Spike lay back against the cushions, closing his eyes as he felt Angel's lips move from his throat to his shoulder, soft tongue painting strokes across his chest to his nipples. It wasn't often he got more foreplay than, "Spread 'em!" and then the sound of lube clicking open, so he meant to savor this.

Angel's teeth were scraping against his nipple, causing it to tighten and fill with a hollow ache that was only soothed by the tight cool wetness of a mouth endowed with the memories of over a century of sucking.

When Spike's entire chest was rubbed pink from Angel's nips, bites and five day old stubble, Spike flipped them over, rubbing his skin against Angel's, sharing saliva and melted ice cream and then licking it clean again.

Angel's hand fisted in Spike's hair, dragging him up so that their mouths met. Their tongues slid together for long minutes as their hands were harsh and then soft against each other, finding places discovered long past and re-learning them. Each time Angel's hands clenched around his hips, bruising, Spike tensed, expecting to be turned and mounted, but Angel would just squeeze teasingly until his fingers roamed elsewhere, tugging at soft hair and then slipping away, easing down hard flesh.

Spike's body slid over Angel's chest, his mouth following his hands, his tongue tracing the pinkbrown edges of Angel's nipples, swirling in circles that grew ever tighter. He concentrated on one, sucking and biting at the tight peak that was rough beneath his tongue, and then moved to the other, switching back and forth until Angel lay groaning beneath him.

Spike ran his tongue between the shuddering muscles of Angel's stomach, pausing to dip it into the navel and stabbing repeatedly, grinning an opened mouth smile as he heard Angel cursing him in a mixture of SoCal slang and fractured Gaelic.

He ignored the hard, eager column of flesh that bobbed at his lips and slid his hands down Angel's thighs, squeezing at the dense muscles of the vampire's legs until his fingers teased at the silky soft flesh behind Angel's knees.

"Spike..." Angel groaned.

Spike smirked the smirk of the temporarily dominant and bent his head, biting at the smoothness behind Angel's left knee and then vamping to sink his fangs in, sucking lightly. When Angel howled and jerked his leg out, almost unseating him, Spike looked up and winked at him.

"Just checking to see if that still made you all quivery, love." He licked his lips, his face sliding back to its sculpturesque human lines and bent his head again, kissing down the hard bone of Angel's shin. He brushed his lips against the high arch of Angel's foot, and then licked firmly around the ankle, braceleting it with blood-tinted saliva.

Angel's foot launched back, catching Spike in the chest, and shoving him back into the cushions. Angel was quickly atop him, his hands and mouth everywhere at once.

"Tease," Angel murmured against the tender skin below Spike's pelvic arch, his tongue tracing the muscle again and again. He raised his head, looking down at the hard, defined planes of Spike's belly and groin. He traced a finger from the point of Spike's hip to the dark curls between his legs and then swirled it around his navel. "Forgot how pretty you a really ripped girl."

"Hey! Watch the girly comments. Angel," Spike muttered, trying to thrust his aching hardness against Angel's much softer, yet more comfortable, hip.

Angel smiled at him and dipped his head, kissing Spike deeply, rubbing their bodies together harshly, each trying to find more to ease the ache, take away the pain, fill the void. You know, get off.

The kiss was long and desperate, making their heads spin, the lack of oxygen just a smug turn-on for them. Spike fisted his fingers in Angel's hair, scrambling for purchase as he arched his neck and plunged his tongue deeper, faster.

Angel's hard hands were all over him, claiming him, stroking him; making him crazy. They were trembling against each other, straining, both of them driven to a point past desire, tumbling together into a need that was greater than lust of the flesh.

"Now. Please." Spike groaned. He hissed as Angel's hands closed around his thighs again, the fingers just brushing his hard length. "God. Angel....hurry..."

Angel lined himself up, his cock just teasing against the hidden softness of Spike's body. "Now, Spike. I'll give you want you want now," he soothed as he prepared to thrust into that welcome coolness. "Gonna ride you hard...fuck you until you remember every time we had...make you clench against me until I'm...oh, fuuuuck," Angel groaned. His body tightened, jerking against Spike as his own words forced his orgasm from him, coating Spike's cock and thighs.

"Angel, Christ!" Spike gritted out as his body jerked and trembled, the cool spatter of Angel's release causing him to cry out as he came hard, his thighs knotting and twisting beneath Angel's hands as they shuddered together.

They stilled, panting, and then Angel yanked his hands away from Spike, standing and stumbling a bit. Spike looked away from him, biting his lip. He listened to the rustling as Angel quickly began pulling his clothes on, and reached for his own jeans, at a loss for words.

They avoided each other's eyes, and then finally Angel muttered, "Well, at least it was simultaneous."

Spike sighed. "Yeah, there's that."


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