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Written by Amejisuto for Trading!Verses Ficathon. She was assigned my Musical!Verse and did a great job with it. She allowed me to archive here with the rest of the "series."
Back to Burlesque (Spike/Xander, NC-17)
by Amejisuto
“Someone’s got a secret.”

Spike’s voice was self-satisfied and had a teasing tone to it and Xander wasn’t sure whether or not to be afraid. From that tone of voice he knew that Spike had something…planned for him. It was the tone of voice that accompanied the cat that ate the canary grin and swagger to his walk that if he turned and looked would send shivers down Xander’s spine and make him instantly hard.

“Huh? Secret?” He didn’t turn from where he was making cocoa, didn’t dare. He’d been tired and Spike had gone out to patrol alone. Now he was back and radiating sex and satisfaction and he decided on being afraid of what secret his lover had found.

“Mmmm.” Arms wrapped around him, cold from the lack of body heat and the night air and Xander shivered. A cool mouth nuzzled his neck and he fought back a whimper. “Seems as if someone hasn’t been entirely truthful about his employment history. Ran into the Slayer tonight and she tipped me off.”

“Oh God.” His face flamed. He was going to kill Buffy the next chance he got. Who cared if the world needed her to stop the next apocalypse.

“You need punishment pet, not telling me you were a stripper in a former life. Did you get hard, having all those women and probably quite a few men wanting you, watching you with their eyes? Dancing on the stage and all those people studying you…touch yourself. Sweating in the lights of the stage?”

Embarrassment quickly faded to lust as Spike’s hands moved from his waist to his cock, cupping him through his sweatpants and giving a squeeze. The sound of his voice went straight to his cock with it, and it felt like Spike was touching him inside and out. Xander’s hips moved at he thrust into Spike’s hand as he was petted and stroked.

“Ugh. It was just once, one night and I wasn’t that good. Spike…please!” Xander was lost to the touches Spike was giving him, one hand working his dick and the other had moved to his nipples, tweaking and twisting through his shirt.

“Please what luv? Touch you like this?” A hard squeeze and twist and Xander’s knees nearly gave away and his breath came in gasps. “Nice idn’t it? Nice for me too, love watching you get all hot and bothered. Watching your mouth open as you breath and thinking how warm your lips would be around my cock. Love to watch your juices flow and lube your own cock for me, watching you get so hard and worked up that you’re begging for me.”

Suddenly Spike stepped away from him, switching off the pot on the stove as he did. His duster was already off and he was standing there in nothing but his jeans and shirt and Xander wanted him back. Wanted his touch and his words. “Spike!! Please…”

“Nope. Wanna watch. Want you to strip for me Xander. Want you to put on a show just for me. I’ll be in the bedroom waiting pet, when you can walk again that is.” Spike’s laughter followed him out of the room and Xander swore.

Bastard got him all worked up and left him. He took a few deep breaths and grinned. He’d just have to get Spike back. And if his lover still wanted to punish him afterwards, well that would be the icing on the cake.


He waited twenty minutes. For his erection to go away, well mostly, and to make Spike squirm just a bit. He gave half a thought to downloading music from the computer but he hadn’t needed anything but his own soundtrack before, no reason to start now. Spike might tease him about his voice, and Xander knew he wasn’t that good, but it was fitting.

He opened the door slowly, and Spike was on the bed, naked and waiting. He grinned to himself. The reason he’d only stripped one night was because his dancing was nearly as bad as his stripping, at least to the hard music they favored. He did much better with his own brand of music.

“Let me entertain you
Let me make you smile”

“Fuck no! Xander! Do you have to bring your poncey musicals into everything?

Xander smiled. “You’ve got to admit it’s appropriate. Now shut up and quit heckling if you want to see this.”

Let me do a few tricks
Some old and then some new tricks
I'm very versatile
And if you're real good
I'll make you feel good
I'd want your spirit to climb
So let me entertain you
We'll have a real good time,
Yes sir!
We'll have...
A real good time!

As he sang he danced into the room, pulling at his shirt and slowly bringing it over his head, only to throw it to Spike on the bed. His lover grinned at the versatile part of the song but otherwise stayed silent.

He hummed the next part, mainly just teasing Spike with the waistband of his pants as he shimmied through his bedroom. He dropped the string to his pants to play with his own nipples and saw Spike lick his lips.

And if you're real good
I'll make you feel good
I want you spirit to climb

At this point he ever so slowly pulled off his pants while facing a way from Spike, only giving his lover a look at his ass. He could be just as much of a bastard as the Big Bad. He reached down to fondle himself, touching his balls before moving on to stroke his length as he turned, giving Spike the best show he could.

”Let me entertain you
And well have a real good time, yes, sir!
We'll have...
A real good time!”

At the end of his song he crawled onto the bed and up his lover’s frame, stopping at his hard cock and giving Spike a teasing lick. “How was that Spike? Are you entertained yet?”

“I do believe my spirits are rising luv.”

Xander grinned and nuzzled Spike. “Do I still get punished?”

“We’ll have to see how good you make me feel Xan.” Despite his casual tone Xander could see Spike fisting the sheets for control and the sight of it made him even more excited. That he could turn someone like Spike on did good things for his confidence, not to mention his sex drive.

“I’ll just have to work on it then.” He opened his mouth and swallowed Spike whole and started humming the song again.

“Fuck yes! You certainly are versatile luv, and when you’re done I’ll show you just how entertained I am.”


“Let Me Entertain You” is from the musical Gypsy. Music by Jule Stein and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series are the intellectual property of FOX, Mutant Enemy, and Joss Whedon. Fan fiction on this site is written for fun, NOT FOR PROFIT. No copyright infringement is intended.